Both Fimo and Dhondt Hobby Products has developed a collection of useful tools to work better with Fimo clay (and other types of clay)


Art 788701/01
: Modelling tools
4 different plastic modelling tools in plastic wallet









Art 788701/02 :Bead roller
With our rollers, you can create perfect, uniform-sized round beads without any trouble at all.We offer different bead rollers for a whole variety of different bead shapes and sizes.
Get inspired by our range and create your very own, perfect jewellery in no time at all!

How is it done?
Perfectly shaped FIMO beads are created by simply sliding the base and top of the bead roller back and forth along the guiding rails.



Art 788701/03 : Measuring Set.
With this kit you can easily measure the amount Fimo. Very convenient to measure always the sale quantities. 








78870104Art 788701/04 : Cutting set
3-piece blades/knife set with particularly sharp blades for effortless cutting without squashing or smearing
Particularly suitable for canes
1 rigid, 1 flexible and 1 serrated blade
The rigid knife is to cut geometric shapes
The flexible knife is to cut round shapes
With the serrated knife you can unleash your immagination.





78870105  Art 788701/05 : Acryl roller set

  • Acrylic roller for an even rolling out of FIMO. For a particularly smooth surface
  • You can also use them to bring designs to your clay with the relief plates 788702








78870106  Art 788701/06 : Cutter set.

  This set of rust proof cutters is ideal to cut nice sharp shapes out of your polymer clay.











78870107  Art 788701/07 : Clay machine
This professional clay machine is ideal to soften and mix polymer clay or to bring relief in the clay with the use of the relief plates and most of all to create smooth even pieces of polymer clay and this in 6 different thicknesses.
Before passing the clay through the machine, you need to soften it a bit by flattening it in your hands. Don't put to large pieces through the machine, you can damage it.

Don't turn the crank backwards, because you can end with a pile of clay behind the rolls.
Pass the polypmer clay and the relief plates (788702) through the machine to add relief to the polymer plates.
Cleaning is easy with a baby whipe and turning the rolls backwards.


78870108  Art 788701/08 : Bead Hanging Rack

To avoid that your beads get a flat side while baking, we have developped this bead hanging rack.In the box you get a set of needles with which you can hang the beads in the rack while baking.
Under the hanging beads there is enough place to bake at the same time flat projects.In the box you also get an acrylic plate. Take care to remove this before baking. It is just plate that is used as a working surface.To manipulate the baking rack we provided hinges to be used with a holder when placing and removing the rack in the oven.