Christmas tree icicles


Beautiful Christmas tree decorations with our Crea Aludraad Metal Plate (460120)? It is very easy, especially with the help of our mandrel (470012/001)

Products used 

460120025 470012001 470005 384031
460120/025 Crea Metal Alu wire flat red
470012/001 Mandrel for Crea Metal 470005 Cutting plier
384031 Nylonthread 0.25 mm





Turn the wire around the mandrel  from wide to smal. Leave in the beginning about 5 cm for the finishing





Cut the aluwire with the cutting plier. Pull the mandrel  for one half out of the wire coile, then turn about 5 cm aluwire round the mandrel, remove the mandfrel.

stap4 stap5

Hang the cone with nylon thread. You can also add some acrylic beads using a headpin and nylon thread.

stap1 servethouder hor

Repeat the steps with the triangle shape, to make a napkin holder.
Fold a napkin into a triangle and put it in the napkin holder. So it's easy to put it flatr on plate.

You can use and combine different colors Crea Metal Allu Wire to create  several nice hangers and / or napkin holder to adjust the color to your party table